The Association of Real Estate Developers (ADI), the leading organization of the real estate sector, is composed of 81 of the most important developers in the country.

Since its creation, 26 years ago, the ADI has driven the real estate industry in order to promote better urban development to achieve more prosperous cities, more competitive, more efficient and respectful of the environment, transforming the surroundings for the benefit of their population.

The members of the association are specialized in sectors such as: mixed uses, shopping centers, offices, middle and residential housing, hotels, industrial parks, tourist developments and hospitals.

Currently the investment of the ADI, exceeds 36 billion dollars and generates 260 thousand jobs per year, in commercial projects, housing, culture, entertainment, services and education.

The partners of the ADI are governed by a strict code of ethics designed with the highest quality standards nationally and internationally. The promotion of lawful and orderly development, care for the environment, collaboration with the community, social responsibility and finally, the search for excellence are the pillars that make up the values of the ADI.

The Association of Real Estate Developers maintains a permanent commitment to the economic development of Mexico, always in favor of the common good of the inhabitants of our country.

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